Dear Ambassador of the USA, Dear Mr. Grenell,

Dear Ambassador of the USA,
Dear Mr. Grenell,

You want to visit Leipzig this week, on Friday. A political city that has won the freedom in Germany. A city that also stands for peaceful revolu- tion. Leipzig does not stand for right-wing politics like Breitbart. A medium that you obviously like to use to say your own political opinion. As a private person you are entitled to. You can even join the KluKlux clan if you want. But you, Mr. Ambassador Grenell, are no longer a private citizen.

They are ambassadors from a country that is actually friendly with Germany, the USA. So far, Mr Grenell, all the ambassadors in Germany have been welcome because they have followed the rules of the game of diplomacy. You, Mr Ambassadors do not do that, and that is why you are not welcome in Leipzig and not in Germany. You should make your office available as soon as possible, and do not use Germany as a political forum. May your Commander in Chief laugh about the trouble you are having in Germany. You can not take Mr. Trump seriously. At least that’s what we quickly recognized in Germany. Good that Mr. Trump will only be a small episode in American history. It may not be worth your while to hang up a picture from you.

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