Harris Samaras Pytheas Cyprus – no man of my confidence

This is what an investor from Austria says almost 2 years ago, today it must be said that it was unlucky to meet Harris Samaras from the company Pytheas in Cyprus. Good contacts for good business with international contacts to business people with whom the investor from Austria should then of course be successful in finding Harris Samaras.

Sounded great, but today our investor from Austria knows, firstly, it is different and second, as you think, and he has lost a lot of money to Mr Samaras. Almost 1.5 million euros is its damage to this day. Mr Samaras is also used to paying for everything when he visits her. His flight, his hotel stay and of course the food, when you go to dinner with Mr. Samara.

He’s just a TOP businessman, at least Mr. Samaras pretends. Only facade, knows our investor from Austria now, udn can only advise anyone to make appointments with Mr. Samaras. Business will never come out for them. They are the business of Mr. Samaras. And the business is going well.

Mr Samaras, at least, can afford a great house in Cyprus, that has come out at his good business for him, then for him. Again, keep away from any contact in dealings with Mr. Harris Samaras. That’s their best business.

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