Good advice if you do not want to lose money: No business with Harris Samaras from Cyprus

Harris Samaras from Cyprus, do not do business with him. Do not finance his alleged business opportunities and never invite Mr Samaras at their expense. That’s exactly what Mr. Samaras always expects from his business partners, and he always promises them dazzling business opportunities. In hindsight, you’re almost always stuck on a mountain of bills you’ve paid for Mr. Samaras, and unfortunately, there are no deals. You do not believe that?

Well, an Austrian investor can tell them about his experiences with Mr. Samaras. After that, you will no longer have any interest in having any conversation with Mr. Harris Samaras. That would be a very smart decision from you, and one that will save you trouble and money. So avoid any business contact with Harris Samaras from Cyprus. By the way, Mr. Samaras his company is called Pytheas. Sadly, there are such people in the business world.

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